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The American Bar Association team was ready to refresh their .com. They needed a consistent design system across the organizations 50 individual law practice specialties in addition they wanted to appeal to the next gen lawyers.

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The Challenge

Not only did the ABA need a new and modern brand redesign to remain relevant with young lawyers, they also needed an entirely modern platform that would support all the individual business needs of each specific law practice group. This project established a new CMS (AEM), a new single sign-on experience, a new ecommerce platform, new search integration, a bespoke meeting & event registration system.

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ABA Skinny 2

To start, my main focus was to explore two distinct design directions that could appeal to young lawyers but also feel appropriate to their current user base. I explored typography, colors, imagery, and layouts across different break points. 

Some of our improvements to the overall experience included highly integrated customer activity tracking, including Continuing Legal Education credits for courses taken. We also designed personalized content feeds based on professional specialty and website behavior. 

ABA Skinny 1
ABA Skinny 3
ABA – 7

Above and below are some early design explorations presented to the ABA digital board to help in guiding and establishing the new

ABA – 3
ABA – 5

We integrated modern analytics to give the ABA full visibility into all operational details, including front-end errors and commerce performance. A very wide-and-deep website now surfaces relevant content, improving bounce rate by 10%

ABA – 8
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Project Team:

Adam M Morris - Associate Design Director

Micah Lindenberger - Senior Product Design

Robert Gorrell - Creative Strategy Lead

Shaili Das - Senior User Experience

Layna Olmsted - User Experience

Michael Duke - Technology Director 

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