American Bar Assoc.

The American Bar Association’s digital board was ready to update their collection of over 30 analogous digital sites. They needed a consistent look across their many sections, and wanted a fresh look to appeal to the next generation of lawyers.

ABA – 2
ABA – 10
ABA – 11

To modernize the site visually, I explored how colors, typography, illustrations, and data visualizations could bring a fresh new feel to this respected institution. With a team of 3, we used typography, color palettes, interaction animations, and various layouts to design a collection of pages that formed a design system for the new brand style.

ABA – 9
ABA Skinny 2

To help users find content faster, the site's navigation is centered around a feed—an infinite scroll of story cards. Some of the highest trafficked sections were events, CLE courses, recent legal news, and an e-commerce page for purchasing educational materials and ebooks.

Within those sections, editors would create content feeds from a collection of components. My main focus was to design a responsive collection of cohesively designed components, and we evolved the sections into new feature pages.

ABA Skinny 1
ABA Skinny 3
ABA – 7

Above and below are some early design explorations presented to the ABA digital board to help create the new

ABA – 3
ABA – 5

Our hypothesis was this modern, mature brand style and architecture paired with engaging photography would create a more immersive content discovery experience, and it did. The redesign increased time spent on site and membership renewals, both key goals for ABA.

ABA – 8
ABA – 4

Project Team:

Adam M Morris - Associate Design Director

Micah Lindenberger - Senior Product Design

Robert Gorrell - Creative Strategy Lead

Shaili Das - Senior User Experience

Layna Olmsted - User Experience

Michael Duke - Technology Director 

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Micah Lindenberger 

Product Design

Interaction Design

Art Direction 

Creative Strategy


Micah Lindenberger 

Product Design

Interaction Design

Art Direction 

Creative Strategy


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