BBC News Stream

Working with the BBC News ditigal team we designed a  video led news experience that focused on growing and expanding a new user base. 

BBC – 8
BBC – 7

The Challenge

- Explore two design directions that utilized and enhanced the current BBC News design guidelines

- Pressure test app, iterate on different browsing habits and auto play features to create a unique news experience dependent on the time/mode of day (Commuting, Lunch, Evening long form stories, Breaking News)  

BBC – 6

We explored two different design directions across both the iphone and ipad. Exploring different interaction transitions between news stories and diving further into specific content /news types that are packaged for daily consumption. We aimed to create 'news moments' that are relevant to the news viewers time of day, and giving editors the tools to curate the short news chapters.

BBC – 4
BBC Skinny 4

Part of the project was focused on micro ineractions to let users know which mode they're in. They could toggle between active and passive viewing. If they did nothing it could auto-play thru all of the news segments.

BBC – 3

At certain times throughout the day editors would update or add new chapters so users could check in and constantly get the latest news or catch up on the news of the day. We created a "smart" que that would prioritze the most relevant news but also ensure the total time of news offered was customizable. 

BBC Skinny 2
BBC – 6

Project Team:

Moritz Kettler - Creative Strategy/Project Lead

Mike Kenney - UX Director

Jake Hutchinson - Product Design

Tom Muller - Product Design

Hollie Lubbock - Interaction Designer

Shelby Dunlap - Project Manager


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