BBC News Stream

Working with the BBC News ditigal team we designed a  video led news experience that was aimed towards growing a new group of readers. 

BBC – 8
BBC – 7

The Challenge

- Explore two design directions that utilized and enhanced the current BBC News design guidelines

- User tested and iterated on different browsing and auto play features to create a unique news expierence depentdant on the time/mode of day (Commuting, Lunch, Evening long form stories, Breaking News)  

BBC – 6

We explored two different design directions across both the iphone and ipad. Exploring different interaction transitions between news stories and diving further into specific content /news types that are packaged for daily consumption. We aimed to create 'news moments' that are relevant to the news viewers time of day, and giving editors the tools to curate the short news chapters.

BBC – 4
BBC Skinny 4

We explored various ways to launch into a video chapter, but also give users a 'preview' of the video before auto transitioning to the next chapter. At the news summary level we teased hows many chapters, what news category, video type, and video length.

BBC – 3

Editors would curate a collection of news chapters including recent news, developing stories, infographical, , and local and global news. All of the content was framed to be shortform and mainly recent news, but had the ability to guide users into articles and related news stories.

BBC Skinny 2
BBC – 6

BBC launced a shortform video experience within the BBC News app called 'Videos of the Day'. The BBC uses this feature to tease out developing news stories that allows users to become more interested in theses stories that will drive further engamenent and exploration of news within related area.

Project Team:

Moritz Kettler - Creative Strategy/Project Lead

Mike Kenney - UX Director

Jake Hutchinson - Product Design

Tom Muller - Product Design

Hollie Lubbock - Interaction Designer

Shelby Dunlap - Project Manager


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