Infinity Thermostat

Carrier Residential needed help to define and design a homeowner mobile app and wall control UI for the Carrier Infinity system. I, along with my design team, redesigned both the app and wall controller to bring Carrier back in line with other competitors in the smart home game. 

Infinity Therm – 2
Infinity Therm – 3
Infinity Therm – 4

The Challenge

To better understand the smart home space, interview homeowners to better understand their needs and expectations for a thermostat app that's paired with a digital wall controller. Based off our understanding and users feedback from several rounds of testing prototypes, we establised a design system, app, and wall controller UI.

Infinity Therm – 10
Infinity- skinny2

Carrier Residential had to customers, the dealers and homeowners. To ensure a succesful launch we had to understand their frustrations, needs, and hopes for what the future of a smart in home climate controller could look like.

We created multiple prototypes and different several rounds of user testing tweaking designs to make sure users quickly understand the different modes of the app, how to create weekly schedules, and overall create an intuative experience.

Infinity- skinny1
Infinity Cooling Mode
Infinity modes

We tested different user flows on homeowners across the country and in different climates to better understand how they control their climates differently. This helped us make informed interaction and design decisions when building out the app and wall controller

Infinity Therm – 5
Infinity Therm – 6
Infinity Therm – 8

We created a component library for both the wall controller and mobile app. Along with this we documented user research, interacton flows, user types and other information to help inform and grow the smart thermostat team within Carrier.

Infinity Therm – 9
Infinity Auto Mode
Infinity Heat

Project Team:

Jill Haefele - Interaction Design / Strategy / Research

Micah Lindenberger - Art Direction / Product Design / Research

Ana Lopez - Product Design

Tae Yang - Product Design / Prototyping

Lisa Mitchell - Project Manager / Scrum Master

Madeline Winer - Research / Strategy

Anya Palkowski - Product Manager

Dan Levine - Technology Director


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