Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group, an interior design company needed a fresh take on how they showcased hospitality focused projects. The goal was to create a fun and intriguing layout / experience to drive exploration across the diverse hotel brands in Rockwell’s portfolio.

Rockwell – 2
Rockwell – 3

I redesigned the hospitality page, which is an entry point to explore the showcase pages of various restaurants, lobbies, stages, and environments on Rockwell’s site. I created a modular grid system that works across different breakpoints and appeals to the monochromatic minimalist.

Rockwell – 5
Rockwell – skinny1

Keeping the styling sleek and simple allowed for imagery and stories to be front and center. 

Rockwell – 6

The layout and stark color palette pushes the idea of contrast by leading with a dark theme for the hospitality landing page and alternating to a light detail page.

Rockwell – skinny2

Project Team:

Mariana Bukvick - Creative Director

Conway Liao - User Experience

Matt Chiemiel - Content Strategy

Micah Lindenberger - Senior Product Designer

JaeWon - Product Design


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