WWE wanted to re-build WWE.com to showcase the future of wrestling entertainment. We pulled out all the stops to create a fresh and dynamic experience that stood up to the brands image.

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-Increase fans time spent viewing videos that could lead to new WWE Network subscribers (WWE's streaming service).

-Design the future look & feel of WWE.com along with their subsequent brands.

-Create a comprehensive component library that editors can use to build articles and content for various contextual feeds across the site.

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In addition to creating a responsive site redesign for the WWE we also explored improving the WWE Networking digital marketing materials, onboarding, and other creative strategies to drive users to signing up for the WWE's streaming service.

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With so much historical info about past matches, superstars, championships, and events we were able to design impactful Superstar and Championship landing pages.

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An extensive collection of components needed to be responsive across desktop, tablet, and mobile. To add to the complexity we made each of these modules theme-able across WWE's different brands (Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and Wrestlemania). This gave the editorial staff, photographers, and content creators the flexibility to create immersive stories WWE fans expect.

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Building the new WWE site from the ground up was a unique design challenge. The previous site had fragemented content, wasn't responsive and had no ability to extract usable analytics. As part of the handoff to the WWE design team we published a comprehensive style guide, and crop guidelines for the editorial team and photographers to use so the site could maintain a consistant look and feel for years to come.

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Project Team:

Chris Delia - Creative Director

Micah Lindenberger - Senior Product Design

Konstantinos Riginos - Product Design

Rosemary Douglas - Senior User Experience

Lauren Manning - Creative Strategy 


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Micah Lindenberger 

Product Design

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Micah Lindenberger 

Product Design

Interaction Design

Art Direction 

Creative Strategy


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