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Over the course of a year and a half I worked with a small digital team to take on some key redesign initiatives for Lincoln. Build and Price is a highly visited section of the site where users build and customize their perferred Lincoln vehicle.

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The Challenge needed a new experience to to showcase their newest lineup. I aimed to give users a clear and responsive experience. My goal was to make the experience informative if the user needed extra details, but also visual if that was more important to the user.

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I wanted to make sure the experience could be continuous. If a user started to customize a specific vehicle they could jump right back in on their mobile device to finalize the build and price experience. They experience between devices needs to feel exactly the same so I made sure we locked in a consistant design system that carried thru.

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We conducted several rounds of user testing to better understand how customers shop for vehicles. We fine tuned interactions and various compentents that helped users better understand the differences/benefits between Lincolns tiers and related luxury vehicles. The goal was to keep users on the site rather than going elsewhere to do their research. We wanted to bring the research, pricing, and feature differences to them.

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Another key initiative was to create an comprehensive style guide that focused on accessibility, while also being responsive, which previously did not have that capability. This was then turned into a component library that was used in building various key screens and detail pages. I worked with a Jr. Designer where we built an interactive guide that outlined animations, hovers states, and transitions. We also designed and collaborated with the marketing department, art directors ,and copywriters to build a launch plan.

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Project Team:

Micah Lindenberger - Art Director / Product Design

Natalie Cho - Art Director / Product Design

Hassan Karimi -User Experience

Heather Tafel - Project Manager 

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